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The Art of Light

The more architecture evolves, the more it calls upon light

Since prehistoric times, humankind has used the art of fire to combine the qualities of copper, zinc and pewter and create a noble, dense and resistant alloy called bronze. Imbued with the symbolic power of fire, the sacred element of ancient times, bronze enchantingly reflects the flickering light of the flame with effects carefully created by surface treatment. For the Romans and Greeks, bronze light fixtures were already very sophisticated works of art. Highly ornamental forms developed during the Renaissance, and then with Louis XIV, the "Sun King". The reign of Louis XVI brought a revival of classical tastes with purer lines, while the 19th century saw the contrast of gilded and patinated bronze. With the advent of electricity, the "Art Nouveau" period was the most creative in the history of light-making. Timeless, bronze is a noble material of durable quality that has secured its place in the modern era.

Bronze d'Art Français

Bronze d'Art Français is an authentic bronze workshop that creates high end antique replicas and bespoke models. With over 50 years of experience spanning three generations, Bronze d'Art Français faithfully reproduces the wall lights, chandeliers, candelabras and lanterns of past centuries through expertise drawn from age-old traditions and continuously renewed by our bronze casters and chasers, under the direction of Catherine and Didier Pigeot.


The art of bronze casting dates back to Antiquity, and even further back into Prehistory. But the 17th century, known as the grand siècle in France, under Louis XIV, and later during the Enlightenment, is when bronze took on a key role in the decorative arts. A tradition that has been perpetuated to our day through the skill and know-how of master bronze casters.


The creation of a bronze light fixture is a series of extremely delicate operations that have changed very little over the centuries. Different techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, such as the lost-wax process that enables Bronze d'Art to faithfully reproduce the most detailed pieces, completed by modelling techniques such as trimming, refining and chasing. A number of finishing stages (polishing, patinating, gilding) revive all the vibrancy of light fixtures from different eras: Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Napoleon III and Art Deco.


In addition to its vast collection comprised over a half-century, Bronze d’Art Français has a design office for decorators and architects, to reproduce or create new models based on a simple drawing or photograph. The artisanal nature of our enterprise allows us to meet highly specific demands in terms of size, patina and structure.


Working closely with national and international architects and decorators, Bronze d’Art Français currently exports over 90% of its production around the world and to major capital cities such as Paris, London, Munich, Brussels, Rome, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Sydney. Its clients include such prestigious names as the Hôtel Four Seasons Georges V, Hôtel Meurice, Hôtel Beaurivage Palace, Baur au Lac, Hôtel Carlton, Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, the King of Thailand, the Sultan of Brunei and internationally renowned decorators.


This ancestral craftsmanship renewed over the generations, bolstered by a strong international presence, places Bronze d’Art Français among today's most important period light fixture reproduction houses.



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